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Below we've answered some of the common questions that have been asked to us. However, should you have any other quires regarding anything feel free to email us and we can assist you in answering your question.

  • What is our cancellation policy?
    We ask if you require to cancel a session you've booked to inform us 24 hours prior to the session begins so we can provide you with a full refund. Cancellations within 24 hours will result in the fee still being charged. To cancel a session please contact us through our contact page and we'll be able to assist you.
  • Do I have to stay with my child during a session?
    For our sessions you're more than welcome to stay and watch them be delivered but it's completely up to you. We ask if you do drop your child off and choose not to watch, then ensure we've got fully updated contact details should we require to contact you at any point.
  • What should my child wear for sessions?
    When participating we ask your child wears sport clothing and sport boots as our sessions are all delivered outdoors. Should we ever require to do a session indoors we will inform you so the acceptable footwear can be worn. In addition to this we also ask that rain coat, sun hat, suncream, etc be brought when applicable.
  • Do you offer just football?
    Currently while SSA continues to grow we are only offering football services outside of school hours. We offer a full PE curriculum for any school that requires our services.
  • Are your session for boys and girls?
    Yes, we provide coaching for everyone.
  • What if my child has a disability?
    No disability will prevent your child from progressing in sport. Our coaches have many years of experience working with children of all abilities.
  • Which locations do you operate in?
    We currently operate in schools and communities across Bournemouth, West Essex and Liverpool.
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