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Our Mission

At Sporting Spirit Academy our mission is to inspire the next generation of children through sport by creating a truly unique environment like no other that will help your child flourish in developing as an individual and within sport.

We're on a mission to offer a variety of different sports services that you can choose that will best suit your child and what you want to achieve from them as a parent. Sporting Spirit Academy will look at the development of your child by putting no pressure onto them and having an equal and inclusive environment that will make your child feel welcome and part of the SSA family.

Our Vision 

Our vision is very clear at Sporting Spirit Academy, as we feel passionately about the opportunity to contribute to your child's development. We want to be able to say we've positively impacted your child's life through sport and helped in them creating friendships, confidence, respect, engagement and improved ability within the sporting programme they've attended.

At SSA we've developed strong links to many local, semi-professional and professional clubs within many sport. Whatever the ability of your child, we will ensure we find a place within sport for them to succeed.

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